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"Brenda Cohen is an artist. Her ring designs will fit any bishop's desire. From beautiful stones to various metals, she can do it all. My crest ring was very detailed. Brenda matched and designed a inspiring ring for me - one I wear in honor of Christ Jesus. She is my jewelry source. Once you try her services, she will be yours too."

   Bishop John M. Borders III

"Thank you so much for the excellent service that we received from you and your staff. Everything from your immediate response to our initial request for products and pricing to the design of the Bishop's ring for my Episcopal Reaffirmation was implemented with the spirit of excellence! Needless to say, the final product exceeded our expectations! I am referring several of my friends and colleagues to you as I am certain that they will be blessed by your professionalism and by the quality of the final product which you provide. Again, thank you and may God's favor continually abound upon all that you do. Grace and peace."

    Bishop Sherman C. Gee Allen, 2nd Assistant Presiding Bishop, Grace International Fellowship

"Working with Brenda has presented itself to be an added blessing during my consecration service. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and prompt when corresponding whether via email or by phone. We were pushing against time constraints (due to reaching out to her a little late) but she was adamant that she could deliver and THAT SHE DID! She was very detailed, personable, and accommodating concerning the design of the ring, which was very impressive and comforted. I am very pleased with her services and recommend anyone to conduct business with her. You won't regret it. Thanks again Brenda and God's Speed."

   Apostle Georgette Redmond, Temple of Joy Pentecostal Faith Church, Inc., Chocowinity, NC

"Ms. Brenda Cohen with Bishop Rings has out done herself once again, I originally purchased a ring for myself and I was so pleased that I purchased one for my father in the gospel and I must say the professionalism that this business brings to the table is epic. Everything was on time, precise, professional, and cost efficient. This is one of the best clergy businesses in the world and I would recommend it to anyone that desires to be professional dressed with jewelry. Thank you!"

   Another Chance Outreach Ministries (www.propheticjudahkingdom.org)

Bishop Ring Photo "I planned a 60th birthday celebration for my husband who is a Bishop. Shortly before the event I thought of the idea to include a personalized signet ring. After making several calls to other jewelers, I was informed I would not be able to have the ring made in time for the party. However with faith, prayer and great determination God led me to speak with a jeweler who referred me to Brenda. Once I met Brenda, she took the time to listen and speak to me. Brenda was able to create and customize a ring that looked absolutely beautiful! It looked amazing, and she was able to finish it, just in time, for my husband 60th Birthday! He was very pleased and enjoys wearing his personalized 60th birthday ring! Thank you so much Brenda and God bless you!"

    Maxine Motley, The Way Thru Christ Community Fellowship, Middletown, DE

Bishop Ring Photo "Thank you for making the vision come true! Our Pastor was very surprised, he didn't know it was his ring until our Bishop said his name. Then he called him up to put it on his finger. It was a blessed day, and I thank you once more."

    Melonie Thompson, Word of Life Community Church, Chickasaw, AL

"It looks great! You do exceptional work and I commend your workforce!"

   Bishop Daniel Salley, Accokeek, Maryland

"I went to Brenda as I was told by a co-worker that she was the best of the best; more specifically she was called a "Jeweler's Jeweler." My experience was extremely pleasant. Brenda took the time to look over my wife's wedding ring and explain to me in common terms what should be done and more importantly why. The diamond had fallen out of the setting and the ring had been stretched incorrectly during the initial sizing several years earlier. She promptly provided a very competitive quote for the work and provided an estimated date.

The work was fantastic! When I got the ring back, it looked better than the day I first proposed. The mount had been replaced with a proper one for the cut of the diamond, the ring was re-rounded, and the setting was perfectly aligned. My wife could not have been happier. Not only was the service prompt and thorough, I know a lot more about rings after my experience with Brenda."

   Charles, Philadelphia, PA

"I thought it'd be a series of hurdles. The conversation was something like this.

Hurdle one: "I'd like it not to be a diamond. Just isn't 'her' or 'me'." Brenda took it like the pro she is - didn't try to up sell me a stone I wasn't into. Good start. So I pressed on. "Ok, I'd like it to be blue." "What kinda blue?" she asked. "Tardis blue," I returned. "Gotcha. We are looking at emeralds, topaz, sapphires," she shot back. Not blinking at all at my description. "Sapphires! Cut in a rectangle like a phone booth!" If you are reading this you know that excessive exclamations points are pretty common in my descriptions. What you can't read is the fear that I was crossing over into dork-overdrive. Cool as a cucumber she moved on. "That's called an emerald cut. Harder to find but do-able. What else?" "I'd like it to be held by a pair of hands like a claddaugh. She wears one her mother gave her and if I'm going to attempt to replace it I'd like to honor that." "Gotcha." "And since we are both sailors if the band could be a Turks head, that'd be great!" "There ya lost me. What is that?" "I'll send ya a picture!" I did and several weeks later she sent me my CAD image. It was so much prettier than even I could have imagined. The perfect ring, glistened in the perfect light on our ship with dear ones close. As tears rolled down those cheeks I love to kiss she said..."Yes." "

In His Words...

I could have asked her a year before. Something shifted in me. The base of me. But it had to wait and grow. This took patience, not my strongest attribute. So I immersed myself in my plans! I started working on a massive version of Gilbert and Sullivan's Operetta "The Pirates Of Penzance" as a producer and actor in January knowing that by the time the show was ready, my proposal would be too! First things first. Allies! Lots of them. I bounced the idea off of my siblings, my closest friends and some of my EDGE theater kids! They liked it and encouraged me. Good start!

Now the ring! Way back in the day my dear friend Val had told me that her partner Brenda could make the most exquisite custom made rings! I had seen Brenda's studio over ten years ago and new her artistry but was my idea too strange and specific? Only one way to find out!

I thought it'd be a series of hurdles. The conversation was something like this.

Hurdle one: "I'd like it not to be a diamond. Just isn't 'her' or 'me'." Brenda took it like the pro she is - didn't try to up sell me a stone I wasn't into. Good start. So I pressed on. "Ok, I'd like it to be blue." "What kinda blue?" she asked. "Tardis blue," I returned. "Gotcha. We are looking at emeralds, topaz, sapphires," she shot back. Not blinking at all at my description. "Sapphires! Cut in a rectangle like a phone booth!" If you are reading this you know that excessive exclamations points are pretty common in my descriptions. What you can't read is the fear that I was crossing over into dork-overdrive. Cool as a cucumber she moved on. "That's called an emerald cut. Harder to find but do-able. What else?" "I'd like it to be held by a pair of hands like a claddaugh. She wears one her mother gave her and if I'm going to attempt to replace it I'd like to honor that." "Gotcha." "And since we are both sailors if the band could be a Turks head, that'd be great!" "There ya lost me. What is that?" "I'll send ya a picture!" I did and several weeks later she sent me my CAD image. It was so much prettier than even I could have imagined. This happens to me a lot. I get a great idea and I'll gather people to help me manifest it, but I'm always stunned at how a pair of like-minded, highly-skilled artists can exceed even their own expectations! But I digress!

When it showed up a month out of the proposal date I knew it was time to move forward with part two of my plan. I gave it to my sister for safe keeping and ordered the Tardis ring box to go along with it. (Dear reader if you don't know what that is, it's like Bill and and Teds. And if you don't know what that is then shame on you.) Now the game was afoot. Time to gather all the right elements. I asked permission (and was granted) to use some of the last moments in our current production of the "Pirates of Penzance" under sail on the Tallship Windy to propose. Convinced my Mother to come down. Got Angela's sister to come up. Sprung it on my cast mates with a desperate hope they'd be alright with my plan. And started to pray between every whole and half rest of every song I had to perform as the Pirate King. This was the day. I had oh so secretly been playing "Just say Yes" by Snow Patrol everyday in the shower, maybe just loud enough that Angela might hear it in her bedroom across the ship we loved and lived on.

The moment finally came. After a perfect sunset and a 27 year intermission, the Pirate King was captured by an audience volunteer playing the part of Queen Victoria. For our production this was standard. But this time it was Angela in the role, finagled by my dear sister Emma, the director. I was so scared I didn't notice how committed Angela was to farce of the moment waving to the crowd as "their" queen. So when I knelt and brandished a brightly glowing ring box and sang these alternative lyrics: "I kneel at once on bended knee. I ask with all my heart, would you be my Queen?" And 24 operatic trained voices joined me, "Yes, yes - with all our hearts would you be his Queen?" She was quite surprised. My mother whispered in the shocked awe in the silence that followed "Is this real?" I knew Angela was asking the same question with her eyes. I soldiered on. "Angela Davis, would you do me the honor of marrying me?"

The perfect ring, glistened in the perfect light on our ship with dear ones close. As tears rolled down those cheeks I love to kiss she said..."Yes."

It may not have been the yes heard around the world but within seconds we had 200 well wishes on Facebook. Hugs and kisses from family and strangers and fireworks literally exploding over our heads on Chicago's Navy Pier. But her simple "yes" was reverberating through my community too. As a youth teacher I wasn't aware of how much joy this would bring current and former students until nearly a week later. I saw a young man with autism that I had the privilege of working with out in Hanover Park. He and his mother told me in jubilant terms that he had drawn a beautiful picture of a Pirate ship and me...and girl he had never met. And that he was overjoyed! His now 12 year old boy smile filled my heart and when I think of that night I think of that smile too. That, my friends, is pure selfless love. That is what will guide this marriage. So give me a good ship, her hand to hold, his smile to light the way and a star to steer it by. No destination but the horizon.

View proposal video in YouTube

    Orion Couling, Chicago, IL
    Artistic Director EDGE Theatre, Fight Director and Designer
    EDGE Theatre

Bishop Ring Photo "The bishop and I want to express how elated we are for the bishop's ring. The craftsmanship is remarkable and was far above our expectations and we are happy that we chose Brenda Cohen Jewelry for such a purchase as this. The bishop is proud of his ring and receives many compliments. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to our family and friends and will definitely keep you in mind in the future. God bless you."

    Bishop James and Lady Linda Holloway, St. Louis, MO

Bishop Ring Photo "I just want to say that Brenda Cohen was a blessing to me last year when I lost everything and didn't know how I would be able to get the ring for my consecration. She stepped in and made an affordable ring for me and I just want her to know that I appreciate it. I recommend this company to anybody looking for exquisite jewelry."

    Pastor L. Norman, North Carolina

Bishop Ring Photo "Just wanted you to know everything went well at my husband’s elevation service to the office of Bishop and Prelate. The jewelry you did for him is beyond compare. The workmanship on the Bishop Cross is absolutely beautiful. The Bishop ring, even though you didn't design it, came out the same way. Your attention to detail is to be commended. Even at the Consecration Service, the Adjutants handling the jewelry commented 'what a relief to handle the real thing'. Everybody was impressed. You certainly did a fantastic job. You are the best at what you do. We will not hesitate to recommend you as our jeweler of choice. May God continue to bless you and your staff for your dedication to perfection in the jewelry industry."

    Bishop and Lady Fetson Leak, New Rochelle, NY

"I just wanted to say, how I just experienced the best jeweler ever!!! She paid attention to detail and was extremely pleasant to deal with. May I add 'in a timely matter'. Her work is truly amazing."

   Remelle, Pittsburgh, PA

"The best decision I made was involving Brenda Cohen in my engagement ring purchasing journey. She was well recommended by my fiancee's sister and her patience, warmth, excitement and commitment to providing me with the greatest experience possible far exceeded my expectations. She spent great time working with me through every stop of the ring designing process and offered me tremendous insight into all the options which were available to me and kept in close contact during the entire ring production. The finished product far exceeded any possible expectations I could have had and I have heard from many that my fiancee's ring is perhaps the most beautiful ring they have ever seen. I would recommend Brenda Cohen to both family and friends in the future and I am greatly indebted to her for being such a substantial part of my engagement and the joy brought into both mine and my fiancee's lives."

    Mike and Sammie, Philadelphia, PA

"Brenda is a supremely patient, talented, and detail-oriented artist who worked tirelessly with me to craft a perfect engagement ring centered around my grandmother's stone for my fiancée. She adores the finished product, which is beautiful beyond all her expectations, and we both receive compliments on the design everywhere we go. Beyond the aesthetics, we had certain ergonomic requirements as health-care professionals in order to comfortably and safely work with the ring under gloves; Brenda rose to the challenge admirably. She was immediately able to grasp my overall vision from a disjointed set of imprecise descriptions and then imperturbably weathered both drastic and sub-millimeter design changes as I changed my mind and refined my ideas. In areas where I was indecisive or at a loss, she injected design suggestions apropos to what I was trying to achieve. In more ways than one, the ring could never have come to be without her. I have immense respect for Brenda personally and her work as a professional. She was prompt and lucid in her communications and honest with her price estimate from the get-go. With her, you will receive premium quality work at a more than reasonable price!"

    Everett & Tian, Vancouver, Canada

Bishop Ring Photo "I personally want to take a few moments say thanks. I had need of a nice Apostles' ring for my affirmation and I tried a few stores in my area but no one seemed to be able to accommodate me. Then, my youth leader came across Ms. Cohen's site and the rest is history. I talked with her and explained what I needed, looked at some samples and voila! I am now the proud owner of a ring made just for me, to my specifications, and also with lifetime guarantees. Thank you, Brenda!"

    Apostle Isaac Ross, Middletown, DE

Bishop Ring Photo "I just want to say how grateful I was to Brenda and her assistant for making my bishop ring experience tremendously pleasant without any complications. The professionalism in which they work seems to be rare....the quality and dedication to details I requested was amazing. Preachers aren't picky just particular. I am truly satisfied with the beautiful outcome of my bishop's ring. May God bless your special business as you serve the body of Christ with your unique gift and talent. I look forward to calling on your business in the future."

    Bishop Leon D. Lewis, Pastor, Excellent Glory Worship Center, Inc.

Bishop Ring Photo "I am exceedingly pleased with the beautiful ring I purchased on my visit to your shop. I have received many complements. What I love about this ring is the attention to detail. But above all, the personal attention I received from you and your staff, and the customer service will be the reason I return to your shop and why I will recommend your jewelry to all my friends looking for something special. May the Lord continue to bless and prosper you and may He enlarge your territory."

    Bishop Melveeta Grooms Harewood, Bethel Life International Fellowship, Bethel Life Centre, Quebec, Canada
    Bethel Life Centre

"My ring came this morning before I left for work. I absolutely love it. It is exactly what I envisioned. Thank you so much for bringing my designs to life!"

    Ashley, Daubersville, PA

Bishop Ring Photo "I admire the excellent craftsmanship and style displayed in my ring. I have received several positive comments from others expressing how much they liked the appearance of my ring. Thank you for working with me in such a professional manner."

    Apostle Robert M. Callaham, Sr., St. Paul Christian Center, Alexandria, VA

Bishop Ring Photo "Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my Episcopal Ring. It is beautiful and has received many compliments. Yesterday I celebrated the first anniversary of my consecration, and found myself often looking at this ring and being reminded of both the opportunity and the responsibility of this office. Again thank you for your wonderful craftsmanship. I am sure I will reach out to you again. Great work!"

    Bishop Reginald Jackson, Philadelphia, PA

Bishop Ring Photo "I was very pleased with the professionalism that was shown to me by Brenda Cohen. I had a short window, that I was working with, and she delivered my ring in the time frame that it was needed. My ring was so beautiful, and it was designed far beyond my expectation. Ms. Cohen is an artisan that creates fine jewelry, and her collection is phenomenal, therefore, I was fortunate to acquire a pair of amethyst ear rings, that match my Bishop ring. I will be recommending her company to others."

    Bishop Carol Ann Jackson, Word of God Faith Temple, Inc., Washington, D.C.

"I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you. You did a wonderful job on the jewelry. Bishop is so happy and everybody that has seen the jewelry is amazed at the marvelous work you did. We are proud customers and will definitely refer you to our family and friends. It was well worth the wait."

    Evangelist A. Blanson, Oakland, CA
    Lily of the Valley Christian Center

Bishop Ring Photo "Brenda, I received the registered letter and appraisal today. The appraisal verified your superb craftsmanship and attention to detail in creating gems that depicts the sacred office of the Bishop.
"You shall make holy garments for Aaron your brother, for glory and for beauty. You shall speak to all the skillful persons whom I have endowed with the spirit of wisdom, that they make Aaron’s garments to consecrate him, that he may minister as priest to Me.  Exodus 28:2,3."
Blessings be to you and your staff.

    Bishop Elect Joseph P. Bowens, Baltimore, MD
    Lion of the Tribe of Judah Community Tabernacle

"It is rare that reality is more beautiful than one's imagination. You have managed to not only create a ring that surpassed my hopes and imagination.....You created the PERFECT ring for us. Your hard work and dedication to your craft is always impressive, but what makes your work unique and special is YOU! From day one you took the time to truly understand me as a customer, a person, and it always shows in your creations. I can't say thank you enough for capturing a special moment for a life time."

    Jon and Sonia, Manhattan Beach, CA

"Brenda designed such an amazing engagement ring for me, she knew just what I wanted. I am someone who is a little rough on my jewelry, and she made sure that my ring was sturdy enough to withstand all of my wear and tear! She also designed my wedding band which she managed to fit perfectly with my ring, the two look great together, I get so many compliments. She managed to use diamonds that were my husband's grandmother's to give the ring a personal touch, and it is so special to me because of that. When I need it cleaned and polished, she lets me bring it in for free and it looks as good as new. I would recommend Brenda's designs to anyone looking to have anything made. She will sit down with you and listen to what you want, and then she lets her creativity take hold! You will be amazed!"

    Chuck and Cara, Philadelphia, PA

"Chuck presented the engagement ring (that you had designed) over two weeks ago. The ring is an outstanding one-of-a-kind work of art! The design, setting, thoughtful details and nuances make it so perfect and exceeded any and all expectations.

You are an amazing skilled designer and craftsperson who applied quality techniques and unique styling to render such an amazing ring. Chuck and I are so completely happy with the ring. I get compliments on it everyday. It's stunning."


"It is evident by looking at my jewelry that you have skillful craftsmanship. I can walk with confidence knowing you took quality time. Also your prices are very reasonable and I am highly impressed that you stand by your product. I am proud to recommend your company to the world. God Bless."

    Bishop-Elect Nathan Jones, Sr., Philadelphia, PA and South Jersey

"I would like to thank Brenda Cohen and her staff for the wonderful job that was done on my ring. It was a tremendous blessing and more beautiful than I expected. Having said that, the beauty of the ring was exceeded by the spirit of excellence that was displayed by Brenda Cohen and her staff. Once again thank you."

    Bishop R.L. Williams Jr., Salt of the Earth Mininstries, PA

"I wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provided by creating and crafting my Bishop's ring. The ring is absolutely beautiful and the care and skill that went into preparing it is quite evident. Your personal touch and professional courtesy is much appreciated and it gives the ring an identity that lets me know it was made especially for me. Thank you again, and may God bless you as you serve His servants."

    Bishop Ernest McNear, D.Min.

Bishop Pectoral Cross Photo "I received the pectoral cross today, and the design is exquisite. Ms. Cohen did an excellent job. It actually looks much better in person than on the website. I'm very pleased with my purchase. And, I will be ordering again real soon."

    Kim Crisler

"I absolutely love the ring Brenda designed for my 25th wedding anniversary. She was open to drastic changes in design as I became sentimental and needed to use the diamond from my engagement ring and two similar sized stones that were my mother's. She somehow made them appear appropriately different in size so the design appeared balanced. I am very happy with the quality of the work and the timeliness of her finished product."   
    Mary, Minneapolis, MN

"Thank you for your work of excellence when it came to the creation of my fathers episcopal jewelry. The final fabricated product far exceeded my expectations. Perfection is seen in your work and I pray the Lord keeps blessing you in all you do for the Body of Christ. I look forward to creating more pieces with you for our Pastors as you have proven that you are the only jeweler for our Ministry."

    A. Ray Rouson Jr., Executive Administrator, Shekinah Glory Outreach Ministries International

"Brenda Cohen Jewelry was absolutely fantastic and I couldn't been happier with the level of service that was provided from the beginning to the end result. After months of looking, the second I stepped into Brenda's Jewelry store I knew I had found my place. All the big companies in the business don't compare to the quality of diamonds, service and price that Brenda Cohen’s Jewelry provides. In this industry you really need someone who listens to what you are looking for, but also adds their own creativity into the final product to ensure that you get everything that you are looking for. From my first contact with Brenda I received nothing but quick responses and an extremely high level of customer service; most importantly she took the time to educate you on the details of the types of stones along with all the different settings that you can use. When I made my final decision, I knew that I was going to have something special. Boy was I right, it was more than anything I could have ever asked for and I couldn't have been happier. Now on to the most important part...my fiancee's reaction. The look on her face when she saw the ring was priceless. It's been a few months since she received the ring and not a day goes by where she doesn't say how beautiful it is. All of her friends have done nothing but compliment me for doing such a terrific job. Even though I'm the one getting the compliments, they really should go to Brenda. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and would never consider using anyone else. Thank you Brenda for making this experience so easy and I couldn't have asked for anything more."   

    Josh and Dani Levin

Bishop Ring Photo "I would just want to say thank you for your passion and creativity in the making of Bishop-Elect Amos Powell bishop’s ring. The delivery was days earlier than we discussed we look forward to doing business with you in the future of our ministry."

   Wanda Powell, Fresh Fire Kingdom Fellowship, Meridian, MS

"After searching far and wide for someone with the skill, passion, and precision to create an exquisite engagement ring, I was thrilled to have found Brenda. She is truly an artist with a great eye for detail. I provided her with numerous ideas, pictures, and sketches from which she was able to recreate my exact vision. Throughout the process she was very informative and approachable. I could not be happier with the final product. The ring really stands out and looks incredible. You did an amazing job. Thanks so much. I would recommend Brenda to anyone seeking customized jewelery."

    Phil Batista, Philadelphia, PA

"My fiancé was looking for an engagement ring for me for about a year and after no luck, he finally asked me what type of ring I would like. I have to admit that I am not the easiest person to buy jewelry for. I searched the internet for ideas, but nothing seemed to jump out at me until I came across Brenda’s website. We contacted her and from there we began discussing ideas. I really liked antique and vintage style rings, but I also liked some modern details as well. Although I did not have an exact picture of what I wanted, Brenda created the precise vision I had in my head. She is incredibly talented and has the ability to create a custom ring to fit your style. My ring is stunning! I cannot stop admiring it and have received so many compliments. Brenda was extremely helpful and very accommodating throughout the whole process. Her craftsmanship is beyond compare and we cannot wait to have her design our wedding bands!"

    Ashley & Adam, Reading, PA

Bishop Ring Photo "Let me first start by saying that I am extremely pleased with the level of commitment, character and cost that Brenda Cohen and bishoprings.org has given to me. The WOW factor has been over the top. Because of the quality of gold and stones, I have been eagerly approached by people that will ask to see the ring. The customer service and kindness has been a extra bonus for such a product that speaks for itself. I would recommend this company to anyone that is looking for a one of a kind, top of the line product. Truly, this is our only and final option for jewelry. Thanks for being amazing!"

   Bishop E. L. Usher
   Senior Pastor — Greater Grace Outreach Church
   Presiding Prelate — Reaching The World Fellowship Inc.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the work and love that you put into making this a beautiful valentines:). I told Jonathan that it is the most beautiful, thoughtful gift that I have ever received."

   Sonia Warfield, Los Angeles, California

"When having custom jewelry made, you have to put an incredible amount of trust in the jeweler. She not only has to understand your ideas and your vision, but has to have the ability to craft it as well. Brenda was able to take all the disparate elements and details I wanted and make a unified, elegant ring with beautiful detail and proportion.

While working with Brenda, I flooded her email with many pictures and even a sketch to illustrate what I wanted, and she never acted like I was obsessive compulsive (even though I was) because she knew how important it was to me. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a special, heirloom-quality piece of jewelry you will cherish forever - I have already recommended her to one of my best friends!"

    Melody Osborne, New Bern, NC

"Just as you promised, I received my ring within the time frame that was given. I am "greatly" satisfied and well-pleased. Thank you for such an Excellent, Exquisite, and Exceptional product!!! I truly appreciate the Impeccable service that you rendered. I will be sharing your web site with fellow colleagues. Once Again, Thank you!"

    Dr. K. Spriggs, Woodbridge, VA

Bishop Ring Photo "While no words could ever express my gratitude, I want you to know from the bottom of my heart how much I appreciate your design of my Episcopal Appointments and the complimentary ring for my wife. Your work is beautiful and is truly a testament to the quality of work that you do. Your attention to detail was second to none. My ring and my wife's complimentary ring was everything I asked for and so much more. God's Blessings to You!"

   Reverend Eric Lambert, Presiding Prelate of The Bethel Deliverance International Fellowship of Churches, Inc.

Bishop Ring Photo "I wanted to thank you again for making my Presiding Bishop so happy. You fulfilled that “Perfect” wish. The cross, those earrings and THAT RING was awesome. I wish you could have been there to hear to oohs and aahs of the congregation as the jewelry part of her vestments were being revealed. Although I had seen the finished product ahead of time, I found myself in total amazement again at the beauty and how you captured Presiding Bishop Spence’s vision. God bless you for you part in making her consecration service on May 22nd the Holy and Blessed event it was. Your professionalism, attention to detail and your ability to work under a small window of time was outstanding. Blessed regards,"

   Dondra Stevens, Personal Assistant to Presiding Bishop Linda Spence of Cathedral United Baptist Church, Bronx, NY

Bishop Ring Photo "Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for creating a beautiful ring for me in such a timely manner. I will recommend others to you who may be in the market for custom Jewelry. My ring is absolutely beautiful, it was a pleasure to work with a professional company such as yours, even on short notice you got my ring to me in time for my consecration service to office of Apostle. Thanks Again."

   Apostle Anthony Shannon, Stand and Be Counted Worship Center, Englewood, CA

Bishop Ring Photo

Bishop Ring Photo
"I always dreamed of owning a special ring. A ring that would show what I've achieved so far in a spectacular fashion. I found Brenda online and liked her work. I called and we discussed what I wanted...I basically said this ring must be the perfect blue, one that I can really appreciate at an arms length. She got busy and offered many choices and found a stone I could love. I chose a lab created sapphire for sheer beauty and price. It was the right choice too! We exchanged numerous e-mails all thru the production process. I got to see the wax carvings and also was able to make changes right up to casting. This impressed me. I got the ring and was not totally happy. I wanted more shading for emphasis. Brenda understood and had it altered and back to me in 7 days! Thank you!"

   Stephen Richard, Orange, Texas

Bishop Pectoral Cross Photo "Job well done! We were blessed by the the professionalism, care and personal touch that you displayed during our search to find a replacement pectoral cross. Even though we are living in Germany, you assured us that you were able to meet our needs and delivery would not be an issue. Again stella customer service, and an impeccable product. May God continue to bless you for your service to His people."

   Bishop Kendall L. Washington, Sr, Wiesbaden, Germany

"My fiance knew that for an engagement ring, I'd want something original and unique. Brenda created the perfect ring that could never be found in a typical jewelry store! The artistic engraving and the quality of the stones are spectacular! I love knowing that I have a ring like no other and that my fiance was able to be a part of the process. Plus, Brenda was really great with fitting my ring till it was just right. We'll be in touch in the spring to start the wedding band process."

   Beth Blinebury, Bensalem, PA

"We fully recommend Brenda Cohen Bishop's rings and Christian jewelry. Brenda has a rare and much needed combination of skills, an exemplary business professionalism that is matched by her flair and craftsmanship. In addition, we felt the additional benefit of sensing all through the process that she truly cared about the pieces she provides. Thank you Brenda."

   Bishop-Elect Revd. Dr. Steven Lyn Evans, Lancashire, England

Bishop Ring Photo "I would like to truly thank Brenda for the marvelous work that was done on my ring and my cross. I believe that Brenda comes from the line Be-zal'e-el one who God filled with the spirit of wisdom and understanding and workmanship in the working of gold. I am so pleased with her work and the high quality of her skills. I pray that God will continue to bless her and her family for integrity that she holds in her business dealings. I highly recommend Brenda Cohen to all of my ministry affiliates. Brenda keep up the outstanding work."

   Apostle Billy Richards, Brooklyn, New York

Bishop Ring Photo "The work done by Brenda was wonderful. She designed for me my anniversary Bishop's ring. After taking my thoughts on what I was looking for, she came up with a design that was just what I had imagined. Thanks Brenda!"

   Bishop Derrick M. Fitzpatrick, Chicago, Illinois

"I will forever be grateful to Ms. Brenda Cohen for the great joy that she brought to my congregation, family, and by her top quality of designing my Bishop's ring. Her professional skills in jewelry designing is paramount and the result exquisite. I recommend her to all who would seek the best in artistry of jewelry designing."

    Bishop Jimmie Horton, Davenport, Iowa

Bishop Ring Photo "I was at a lost for words when I first opened the box containing my ring on last night, for me that was a miracle. Mrs.Cohen has created a piece of art that is detailed and stunning. If you need a piece of jewelry to mark a special moment in your life, please allow Mrs. Cohen the opportunity to create you a work of art. My wife and consecration staff are in awe of this labor of love. Thanks Mrs.Cohen! May the Lord continue to use you for his Glory. God Bless!"

   Apostle-Elect Wayne Grant, Albany, GA

Bishop Ring Photo "I want to thank Brenda L. Cohen for her excellence in customer service in designing me a ring within a month; this ring was designed for a woman in the bishopric. The quality was out of this world, meaning it was the best I've seen. I had been to other jewelers, but was more taken with the kind of detail and workmanship that was put into a ring that she designed. She will forever be the person I will use for jewelry design. Thanks again Brenda. Get ready for your next project..God bless you!"

   Debbie Sherard, Anderson, South Carolina

Bishop Ring Photo "Brenda, my ring arrived yesterday (8/26/09) and my staff saw the ring before I did and they fell in love with it. When I returned from bible study it was given to me and when I opened the box, all I could say was "WOW, Oh My God" this ring is truly a "One of a kind" and the details are so immaculate and everything we wanted in a Episcopal ring was HIGHLY ACCOMPLISHED. And this ring will be greatly and deeply cherished, I pray that God will allow you to continue using your gift to design with passion, and purpose. Every Bishop that I will consecrate in the future or ANY Bishop who needs his ring, I WILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND Brenda Cohen. Thank You for everything, and we WILL do business again, I believe I've found my jeweler. Grace and Peace to you."

   Bishop-Elect Michael B. Nesby, Jackson, Mississippi

"My husband proposed to me without a ring, with the idea that we would later pick out something special, together. It was a lovely notion; however, from store to store, we encountered pushy salespeople, questionable prices, and rings that all started to look the same to us. This wasn't the way we wanted to find a ring; and these weren't the rings that we wanted to find. Thanks goodness that we found Brenda! She not only became the facilitator of my vision, but also worked with me to develop further the look I was after. Brenda worked diligently during each stage of the project, but never made me feel rushed. She was patient and happy to teach me about the process. From our discussions and drawings, to her delicate wax prototypes, Brenda listened to what I was after, incorporated her wise suggestions, and made the ring become a reality. She brought to the project her talent, creativity, and years of experience — but also her utmost enthusiasm, care, and support. The result is that I adore my engagement ring and matching band — and have fond memories of the process. In short, Brenda was a dream to work with, provided me with a dream of a ring, and I recommend her to others without hesitation. Thanks, Brenda!"

   Anna, Philadelphia, PA

"My fiancee and I went to Brenda for my engagement ring because we were unable to get what we had in mind from a chain or boutique jewelry store. Brenda created for us exactly the ring that we wanted. Plus, because we were cutting out the middleman we were able to have larger, better quality stones for the same money. Brenda never made us feel rushed, and she really listened to us. Her personalized service is exceptional. Two years later I love my ring as much as ever, and still receive compliments on it constantly. We have recommended Brenda to our friends."

    Margaret and Bruce, Philadelphia, PA

"I love my engagement ring! Brenda (with a little help from my fiance) designed an exquisite piece of jeweler that is both classic and modern. I love knowing that this ring was made just for me. We've been engaged for a year and I still catch myself just watching it sparkle."

   Jessica Amato, Hockessin, DE

"Brenda took the diamonds from my broken engagement ring and wedding band to created one fabulous ring. She was intuitive to the shape of the stones and combined all to create a sparkling piece that appears richer and bolder than it did as two separate pieces. Many people notice the ring right away and eye it with envy. It gives me great confidence to say that I'm glad the previous rings broke so that I could have Brenda use her talents to create such a stunning ring. I will definitely use Brenda in the future for other unique designs."

   Jean Rodier, Langhorne, PA

"We wanted to thank you for all your patience and truly capturing what I wanted in a ring. We really appreciate everything and I absolutely love my ring. Thanks again for all your help."

    Mariana & Jim Cligget, Warminster, PA

"I am so happy that I went to Brenda for my engagement ring. I found her by doing a search on the internet for jewelers who could make a replica of my mother's engagement ring. I am an extremely picky perfectionist and Brenda was so patient and wonderful the entire time. She made the replica of my mother's ring and created an even more beautiful version. I've had it for almost 5 months and it continues to make me happy every time I look at it. I also had her make my wedding band and another ring and both turned out just as nice. I recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

    Carolyn Gerace

"I am very thankful that I was referred to Brenda. I knew very little about engagement rings and diamonds when I began the process; however Brenda's knowledge, experience and patience helped me gain a better understanding and become a more knowledgeable customer. I came to Brenda with a vague idea of what I thought my girlfriend would want and she was able to design a ring that more than exceeded my expectations. Brenda was very flexible and met with me many times as she helped me find a beautiful diamond and the perfect setting. I really cannot say enough great things about Brenda and will encourage anybody shopping for an engagement ring to visit her."

    Joe Banister, Wayne, PA

"Brenda has such an amazing talent. The engagement ring is beautiful and unique. We weren't sure what to do with a wedding band and Brenda came up with the idea for the band. We both love it! It fits together perfectly, and makes both bands stand out. She is able to combine artistic skill with an amazing personality. It shows in her work."

   Randi Rankin, Doylestown, PA

"My fiance and I bought an antique engagement ring and I knew that finding a wedding band to match would be difficult. After looking online, I found Brenda and the work she had done was just what I was looking for. We met and she designed 2 bands for me, one for each side of the engagement ring. She solicited my feedback all the way through the design process and we ended up with bands that completely complete my antique piece and don't take away from it. I couldn't have asked for better and I can't wait until the wedding when I can finally wear all of the rings together as one piece. It was a great experience and I wish I had a reason to do it again. Hmmm, I'm sure there is something in my jewelry box that needs a redesign..."

    Lori, Philadelphia, PA

"I thought purchasing a ring was going to be a nerve wracking experience - trying to find the right style and getting the detail correct was very important. Furthermore, I had a limited budget. I was referred to Brenda after having spoke with a few other jewelers and my search was over. Brenda was truly a pleasure to work with. She is a true artisan who listened to what I was looking for and gave her creative suggestions which I was very pleased with. The rings are beautiful thanks to Brenda's attention to every detail. She is a pleasure to work with and made my buying experience enjoyable. Excellent personalized customer service and top quality crafted jewelry - I highly recommend Brenda.

    Bryun Holt, Elkins Park, PA

"Brenda is a gem in the industry. We were fortunate enough to find her after searching and meeting with a number of jewelers. Brenda is a true craftswoman and took the time to really understand what we wanted, our tastes and gave intelligent and creative options in the design and setting of the gems we used. The rings are beautiful. Brenda's professionalism and laid back style made our experience enjoyable and easy!"

    David Perel, Elkins Park, PA

Bishop Ring Photo "Thank you so much for your beautiful work on my ring. It turned out just perfect. Everyone was amazed at the "detail work", especially the symbol of our church. Again, my heartfelt thanks!"

   Bishop John E. Mack

"Brenda did a fabulous job designing my ring. She is extremely creative and talented. She was very patient in working with my mother and me to ensure that I had exactly what I wanted. I had gone to several other jewelers with excellent reputations for this kind of work, but none of them came up with anything half this creative. I am very grateful to Brenda for her hard work, creativity and flexibility."

   Marjorie Shiekman, Philadelphia, PA

"Myself and my fiancé found an engagement ring design on Brenda's website that we both just loved. As we both live in london we put all our trust in Brenda and it paid off, she stayed in contact with us via email and phone from picking the diamond to designing the setting. Working with Brenda was a real joy and we look forward to working with her again."

   Daniel and Jemma, London, England

"Received the Oak Leaf today and we could not be happier. Really a great piece and perfect for our situation. Your work looks even better in person than on line. Also, thank you very much for the Military discount. That is very much appreciated. We will keep your card in the event another occasion needing something very special arises. Again thank you for you help on this. Great job!"

   Davis Hodsden, Newport, VA

"We came to Brenda to design my engagement ring. I knew little about the process and I was interested in an antique style ring. When meeting with Brenda we brought some pictures of rings that I did like to help give an idea of the style and design I liked. Not quite sure of exactly what I wanted, Brenda helped guide me by eliminating the styles I did not like. From there, I knew Brenda understood my style. Soon after, Brian proposed and the ring was extraordinary! I was overwhelmed how beautiful it was, and still can't take my eyes off of it! From the delicate details to the eye-catching diamond, Brenda designed the ring I've always dreamed of and fit my style. Everywhere I go people stop and compliment the beauty of my engagement ring. I feel Brenda went above and beyond, and I can't wait to have her design my wedding band!"

   Denise Layton and Brian Geer, Philadelphia, PA

"Working with Brenda to design my ring was an amazing experience from start to finish. She is detailed, knowledgeable and comfortably guided me through the process. The ring is a one-of-a-kind art piece that I wear every day. I always get compliments about how exquisite it is. Brenda helped me figure out what I wanted and then designed the ring of my dreams. I am completely satisfied with my experience and recommend her to others without reservation!"

   Deborah Kim, Bala Cynwyd, PA

"I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful engagement ring. I wanted something very unique and organic-looking, and Brenda was my "hands" at creating this work of art. This ring is very special to me and it is exactly what I had been envisioning. Thank you Brenda, for your excellent artistry!"

   Danielle H., North Wales, PA

Bishop Ring Photo "Master Prophet Cohen and The In His Presence family had a overwhelming experience. Mrs. Cohen went up and above anything we could hoped for. She designed the most beautiful and exquisite ring, just from telling her what we wanted. We came across her by searching for someone else, called her and her magic began. We the members of In His Presence Cathedral Of Praise were celebrating our pastor, Master Prophet L.E. Cohen. He has been in ministry for more than 15 years. Master Prophet Cohen operates in the five-fold ministry, he is a apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher and is known as The Son Of Thunder. Master Prophet and the In His Presence family appreciate the great service that Cohen Jewelry has provided for us. Our celebration was a great success. So many thanks. Sincerely Master Prophet L.E. Cohen and IHPCOP Family."

    Diane Rivers, Tallahassee, FL

"Brenda was great! She dealt with us and our impatience with designing my engagement ring. Her design was better then I could or would have ever imagined. I love my ring and I get stopped often for compliments, which is great. Thank you Brenda."

   Casey Bell, East Norriton, PA

"Everything was great! The prompt service, the friendly service, and the beautiful quality of our gorgeous rings! We felt confident with Brenda and her love for making jewelry is apparent. It comes through in her work!"

   Tracy and Rob Devers, Jenkintown

"We came to Brenda with some ideas for a antique-look pendant, but her's were way better. She took a lot of time to show us all options, and the final product was a true work of art. We wound up with a one of a kind, personalized piece that will always get noticed, and it was less than we would have paid from a mass production specialty house. We highly recommend Brenda!"

    Bill Sudia, Tabernacle, NJ

Bishop Ring Photo "We worked with Brenda to craft a Bishop's ring to present to our bishop as a gift and celebration of his ministry. We had a short amount of time, and Brenda worked with us to insure that the ring arrived by the necessary date. When it arrived, the beautiful work she had done exceeded all expectations."

    Rev. Timothy Olson, Belvidere, Illinois

"The whole engagement-ring-purchasing experience is pretty intimidating for someone like me who knows absolutely nothing about jewelry, let alone diamonds and ring settings. Luckily, I found out about Brenda's studio. My girlfriend (now fiance) had given me a picture of a ring that she really liked. Brenda used the picture as a model and created an incredible ring for us. She sent me pictures of a wax model that she created and I got the chance to give her feedback before the actual ring was assembled. I really valued that opportunity. It turned out that I was wrong about my fiance's ring size, but it was no big deal because Brenda resized it for us in a couple hours with no charge. If you want to purchase a unique engagement ring and if you don't want to be limited by the rings in a given store, do yourself a favor and get in touch with Brenda."

    Matt, Arlington, VA

"I have had several opportunities to work with Brenda on custom rings. In each situation, Brenda was able to understand and visualize the look I wanted. Her attention to detail, her patience, and her timely results make for a very pleasant and positive working relationship."

    S. Kirschner, Bryn Mawr, PA

"A ring is an expression of who the man is to the woman he wishes to marry. Living in a small southeast Alaska town limits your options. Further, it is an intimidating process to try to get up to speed on cut, clarity, polish, symmetry, color and carat weight and try to assimilate what it all means. Thank God I found Brenda Cohen Jewelry is all I can say. I was surprised to receive an email back from her directly about my inquiry and she helped me personally throughout the process. Brenda is very diligent in taking the time to explain everything and is open to any design ideas. The ring that she created simply left my fiancé Glory breathless. The process of forging the ring through the lost wax method to setting each stone by hand, polishing it to a high luster then finally inscribing the ring thus creating something that is perfect and one of kind just like the woman who it was intended. Thanks Brenda for taking an immensely intimidating process and making it easy. You have a lifelong friend and customer in me."

    Victor Scarano, Sitka, Alaska

"Incredible service! The rings I ordered were made upon a specific request and they are beautiful. Perfect in design to the detail. Delivery was fast and nicely displayed. Thanks so much Brenda, you have a true creative gift."

    L. Willow, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bishop Ring Photo My experience with Brenda Cohen was truly enjoyable. From the design concept stage to the delivery stage everything was handled professionally. Ms. Cohen was given creative freedom from my directives and she did a great job. This ring will be a part of the history of our church and fellowship.

    Bishop Christopher E. Harris, Concord, NC

"Brenda was great! Before meeting Brenda, I spent months looking in conventional jewelry stores for a ring that adequately reflected my tastes. I found myself frustrated at seeing the same few styles repeatedly. Working with Brenda allowed me to create the ring I had been seeking. Together, we developed a custom ring design that was absolutely unique. With Brenda, I was able to contribute feedback at each stage in the design process. She took the time necessary to develop a beautiful, truly one-of-a-kind ring that reflected the tastes of me and my girlfriend in a way that no other ring could."

    E. Cross Raye Md.Phd., Philadelphia, PA

"Brenda was joy to work with. From design concept to education about diamonds, the process was extremely easy and resulted in a truly beautiful ring that everyone admires. I couldn't ask for a better designer to work with and we will be back for our wedding bands. Thank You, Jason Stein."

    Jason Stein, Wilmington, DE

"The ring Brenda made for me is absolutely amazing! She took all of our ideas and put them together to make a ring more beautiful than I could ever imagine."

    Melissa Miller, Philadelphia, PA

"Brenda did such a wonderful job on my antique engagement ring & wedding band! She has great ideas and always made me feel at ease. I have an antique engagement ring that needed to be redone and when it was complete, it looked better than the original. She is the first jeweler I met that didn't try to sell me things I was not interested in, she got the feel for what I wanted immediately, was honest and trustworthy. I even recommended her to my mom to get a replica of my grandmother's antique ring made, which was also fabulous!!"

    Laura Doyle, Philadelphia, PA

"Working with Brenda was a treat from the start. I had a vague idea of what I wanted my engagement ring and wedding band to look like, and she took my vague ideas and transformed them into the beautiful rings I wear today! Even from a thousand miles away, Brenda made me feel like she was right down the street, emailing and calling with questions and updates. The end results were fabulous, and I couldn't be happier with my rings. I recommend Brenda to all my friends—she's a hard worker and a wonderfully creative artist who was great to work with. Thanks Brenda!"

    Wendy Clement, Minneapolis, MN

"I had the most wonderful experience working with Brenda to create my wedding band. I wanted something different and she instantly knew what I was looking for in a wedding band. Brenda was professional and wonderful to work with, but more importantly she seemed truly excited to be creating my ring. I could not be happier."

    Karen Mariner, Philadelphia, PA

"Just before surgery I had to remove my ring and I could!!! The anesthesiologist was amazed at the spring so cleverly placed in the ring. And thanks to Brenda I could get it off!!!!!"

    Barb Nordquist, Africa

"The ring Brenda made for me totally exceeded my expectations. I almost dropped to the floor when I saw the final result. I think even she was impressed with the end result. Anybody who has seen it can not say enough about how wonderful it is. Thank you Brenda, I can not express my gratitude in words."

    Chuck L., West Deptford, NJ

"My husband and I wanted to find someone to custom make our wedding rings. I stumbled upon Brenda's website, was very impressed by what I saw, and decided to work with her. The rings that she created for us are among our favorite pieces of jewelry. The designs (a hawk and a wolf) carved into white gold are incredible in their detail and character. We have encountered dozens of ooo's and aaaah's from people who have asked to see them. I would highly recommend Brenda Cohen to anyone. She is also very diligent and pleasant to work with."

    Kendra Viner, Philadelphia, PA

"Brenda did an incredible job incorporating the antique style of my grandmother's ring that I was replacing with a more contemporary style. The ring is one of a kind and everyone notices it."

    Heather Goldner, Philadelphia, PA

Working with Brenda in designing an engagement ring was a rewarding experience. She is very knowledgeable and informative about her craft. Brenda helped me bring my vision to reality, the result of which is a stunning one of a kind ring.

    Joe Oldham, Wilmington, DE

"My fiance loved her engagement ring. Brenda has gifted expertise in the field of diamond and ring selection. I would recommend her services to anybody who seeks top quality jewelry. Her services were invaluable."

    Ian Ash, Chestnut Hill, PA

"Brenda designed and made a beautiful cross for my husband to give to me as a Christmas gift. The care and personal attention she puts into her work is rare and amazing. She is a gifted and talented artist willing to take your ideas and make them into beautiful pieces of jewelry!"

    Jessica Nordquist, Chicago, IL

"Brenda has made absolutely fabulous jewelry for our entire family. She designed my engagement ring which is quite stunning and catches peoples' eye when I am at work, on the street or in a store. I have no doubt that Brenda will continue to create amazing pieces of jewelry that will become our family heirlooms."

    Fiona Pasternack, New York, NY

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